Transportation, Housing Affordability, and Sustainability

I love, love, love living in Wake County, and I’m proud of our town, our county, the Triangle, and North Carolina.  We’re one of the best places in the country to live, and people are moving here for the opportunities and quality of life we experience every day. But we can do better.

Areas I see a need in our community:

Housing Affordability

  • Support for seniors, public servants, and ALL of Cary
  • Funding for the Cary Housing Plan

Cary needs to have dedicated reallocation of funding to make meaningful action on affordable housing. We will need all hands on deck to take every opportunity for a creative solution, from leveraging partnerships with local developers, nonprofits, to federal grants, and reallocating our current budget.


  • Improve safe bikeability / walkability by completing proposed greenways in District C
  • Connect District C neighborhoods with sidewalks

We have to plan for alternatives to cars. Transportation alternatives are not just good planning, they are environmentally responsible. We need to make sure our citizens are able to walk and bike safety, and maneuver to bus stops and other forms of transit. Alternatives to driving include benefits for the community including health and wellness, environmental sustainability, and helping with our climate crisis. Read more here.

Environmental Sustainability

  • Drive action on sustainable improvements to District C

If elected, I will weave environmental sustainability into the work I do every day on behalf of the citizens of Cary. We must take care of the land with which we have been entrusted. I vow to work towards this goal as your District C council candidate. For more on my ideas around actions I’ll take once elected, click here.

Thoughtful Development of District C

  • Build relationships with neighboring towns to share resources for greenspace and parks

When I drive around Cary, whether close to home, downtown, up north and west of me, I see so many amazing projects popping up. Sidewalks so kids can walk to school, a new park downtown, and a new affordable housing community are just a few to mention. I would love to make a difference in these same areas in my district.

“I rented in Cary when I first moved back here 13 years ago. When I was looking at buying, I looked at several places in Cary. My folks lived in Lochmere at the time and I looked at a townhouse to be close to them. It amazed me how expensive a smaller home was in Cary, compared to neighboring communities. I purchased a home outside Cary but I can easily walk 10 feet and be in the town limits.”

WCPSS 11-year school teacher who teaches in an elementary school located in Cary

I love Cary

Working in Cary for Habitat build day in the fall of 2021.
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