Donating to my campaign is a vote for your voice to be heard, a vote for leadership, a vote for fresh eyes and creative ideas.

Those running against me in this campaign have accepted large donations from local developers or have accepted personal loans to their campaigns anywhere from $1,000 to more than $18,000. My donors are everyday citizens just like you and I, not big money developers.

Where does your financial support go?

  • Yard Signs – 50
  • Leave Behind Cards for Canvassing – 5,000
  • State Board of Election Fee – $114 for municipal candidates
  • Website – you are here
  • Business Cards – 500
  • Postcards to Get Out the Vote – 2,000

Read this article about Transparency on my blog for more information on fundraising, or this one about Transparency in Detail if you want to learn exactly how campaign finance works in a campaign.

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