Public Speaks Out

I decided to share with you lovely folks my exact comments at Public Speaks Out. And here is the video if you want to watch it live at the September 23 meeting of Cary Town Council. Around 29 minutes I’m called forward to speak. FYI, we only have three minutes in the Public Speaks Out portion of the meeting. I was shaking in my boots but luckily you can hardly tell. This moment felt like a big deal in the work I’ve been doing since January to research and educate myself on how I can make positive change in my community. 

Citizen’s College – Public Safety

Ya’ll who know me well, understand my love for public servants, but especially those that risk their lives daily to protect us. Needless to say, I was very excited to visit Fire Station #9 on Walnut Street this week to hear from leadership in the fire, police, and emergency communications. Little did I know, a tour of the fire station was going to be a part of Cary 101. I really did try to maintain composure but my excitement was pretty obvious.

I support ONE Wake

I had the opportunity to meet with ONE Wake last week for both an internal assembly with more than 150 attendees, and a one-on-one conversation with leadership to learn more about this crucial organization working in our community. They commented that housing affordability is going to be THE issue in the upcoming election and that they are pushing for a Penny Tax for Cary.

Do you want to know something weird about me?

I like managing massive projects. Whenever I see something that seems insurmountable like a deadline looming with over 20 stakeholders, my brain immediately goes to breaking down the timeframe for meeting deadlines, and how to best approach stakeholders for their pieces with clear communication.