What do I mean by transportation…

I’ve read through the Town of Cary Environmental Advisory Board’s “Carbon Reduction Recommendations” linked here a couple of times now. I love their section on Transportation that I’ve included below, this language aligns with my values and what I would love to get accomplished once elected.

Transportation Vision: Cary should be a leading example of a walking, biking and Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) friendly community. These recommendations would provide a safe and healthy environment for Cary citizens and visitors due to significant carbon reductions, better air quality, and infrastructure designed for the user’s needs. Some of these elements are reflected in the Imagine Cary Plan while others support North Carolina’s Executive Order #80.

3a. Walkable and Bike Friendly Community

  • Develop bike pathway infrastructure, invest in an efficient and robust mass transit system between walkable activity centers, and participate in a regional mass transit system.
  • As areas are developed or redeveloped, co-locate a mix of affordable housing, retail and business, and open space to encourage walkable neighborhoods.
  • Assure that the Town’s walking and biking community goals are consistent with the Imagine Cary goals and if not, amend as needed.
  • Explore the idea of “no car zones” to encourage safe pedestrian traffic.

3b. Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Infrastructure

  • Create incentives for ZEV use by building out infrastructure and increasing the number of charging stations throughout Cary. Identify opportunities for charging station locations and possibly develop ZEV infrastructure standards that can be used by other local municipalities.
  • Encourage ride share opportunities and encourage new innovations in vehicle sharing that could allow the town to minimize the need for parking lots.
  • Set an example in the community and reduce the Town’s operations carbon emissions by increasing the ZEV and hybrid vehicle fleet and publicize progress.
  • Explore the idea of electric vehicle only zones and priority parking to further encourage owning a ZEV.

3c. Last Mile Solutions

  • Support creative and safe last mile solutions (pedestrian pathways, electric scooter/bike sharing), so that those who use public transit or other alternative modes of transportation (such as car sharing) can get from centralized drop-off points to their final destination.

Published by Amanda Murphy

I have been in the Triangle my entire career. I started out working alongside people who are now leaders of municipalities, heads of industry, and decision makers in their fields. My network is strong. After work I’m typically raising two of the most creative, amazing kids I know. I also am a bit of a health enthusiast; biking and swimming are my favorites. I love reading stories, and coffee, lots of coffee.

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