Not your typical politician

I was talking with a friend recently about the FOMO that happens for me every year on December 26th when I log into social media and see all the happy families’ holiday posts with kids rampaging gifts and a typical living room completely destroyed with wrapping paper. I almost posted my photos but something stopped me. I think it was the feelings surrounding why I was going to post, it was going to be an effort at getting likes, and approval, for my family’s holiday. I wanted to be JUST like everyone else. Look at us, we were having fun too! 

Something made me stop and discard the post. I realized I was going to be posting as a need to feed my ego, instead of an authentic yearning to share with my family and friends my Christmas morning. Plus, my kids don’t like when I post photos of them without their permission, rightfully so. Instead, a close friend captured a photo of me with her pup on Christmas morning. I was sitting on my cough in my pjs, with two sets of reindeer ears, a coffee, a messy house, a sweet pup, and the biggest daggone smile I’ve had on Christmas morning in a long time. It’s not a perfect photo but man does it capture the feeling of gratitude I had that morning. And authenticity. I am so grateful that serving the public is my calling, which means I don’t have to be anyone but EXACTLY who I am to serve. My training and education has led me right where I am in the moment and I am ready to serve.

If you elect me to represent you, you won’t see a lot of perfectly posed photos of me shaking hands and kissing babies, or my perfectly decorated house on Christmas morning (mainly because I couldn’t perfectly decorate if I tried). But you will get someone who is a hard worker, with a ton of energy, and a passion for public serviceAnd you’ll get some pretty interesting photos, maybe even some with roller skates.

Published by Amanda Murphy

I have been in the Triangle my entire career. I started out working alongside people who are now leaders of municipalities, heads of industry, and decision makers in their fields. My network is strong. After work I’m typically raising two of the most creative, amazing kids I know. I also am a bit of a health enthusiast; biking and swimming are my favorites. I love reading stories, and coffee, lots of coffee.

2 thoughts on “Not your typical politician

  1. First of all, I did not know the context of your holiday post. But the smile on your face was genuine and I never gave a second thought to how your holiday was or what might have been “missing.”

    Secondly, social media is such a trap. There are already multiple studies showing the negative effects, including increased depression, feelings of isolation, and damage to self esteem. Who knows what the long term will reveal. I think it’s fair to say we are in the infancy of the social media boom and it’s probably here to stay. Maybe it’s still a shiny new toy and we will grow bored with it in the future. Maybe.

    So while I can relate to the FOMO, I have to congratulate you on being thoughtful and reflecting on your feelings instead of going for the quick and empty “high” of likes and comments. And I can’t emphasize enough how awesome and amazing you are for the respect you display for your kids. All too often the lessons about respect from parents and authority figures are couched in threats, demands, fear and punishment. Your lesson shows how to be respectful and the value and integrity each person has an inalienable right to as a human on this planet. You are teaching your girls with your own behavior–an enduring and powerful lesson.

    I like where I live, but I sure do wish we had someone like you here. Someone passionate about true public service. Your community is lucky to have an advocate like you. Keep on rocking and keep being you: nobody can bring your unique spirit to the table, and that’s a gift that keeps on giving year-round.

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