Candidate for Council Session

Last night ONE Wake hosted an early session with candidates for Cary Town Council to, “discuss the need for more affordable housing in Cary, and to hear their reactions to the proposal to create a Penny for Housing initiative.”

It is honestly so weird watching yourself on video, especially when you know you were nervous ALL DAY LONG in preparation. If you want to watch the recording, I’m invited in around minute 48 and ending around minute 51.

What a great opportunity to get to practice public speaking on a topic I’m passionate about.

Published by Amanda Murphy

I have been in the Triangle my entire career. I started out working alongside people who are now leaders of municipalities, heads of industry, and decision makers in their fields. My network is strong. After work I’m typically raising two of the most creative, amazing kids I know. I also am a bit of a health enthusiast; biking and swimming are my favorites. I love reading stories, and coffee, lots of coffee.

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