I support ONE Wake

I had the opportunity to meet with ONE Wake last week for both an internal assembly with more than 150 attendees, and a one-on-one conversation with leadership to learn more about this crucial organization working in our community. They commented that housing affordability is going to be THE issue in the upcoming election and that they are pushing for a Penny Tax for Cary.

The organization will be holding a Virtual Assembly with Cary Town Council on November 11 to ask for commitment from both sitting electeds and candidates for Districts A, C, and the At-Large positions up for election in March. I have been invited to participate as a candidate for District C and I cannot wait for this conversation. I’m intrigued to hear elected officials comments on whether they support the Penny Tax for Cary, and if that answer matches up with their voting on council in the past.

ONE Wake is a non-partisan, multi-racial, multi-issue group of religious congregations, associations, and other non-profits in the Wake County area with membership totaling in excess of 50,000 households.” This organization is made up of 46 churches, mosques, and synagogues in Wake County, ten of which are located in Cary. The organization works together on issues facing the community, for example food insecurity. They have a long history of collaborating with one another and doing the hard work of serving the people of Cary.

I support this organization and what they are doing to take care of communities without a voice in Wake County, and also Cary. Join me in supporting them!

We are having a listening session on September 28th to learn more about the specifics around ONE Wake’s recommendation for a penny tax. I’ll post a follow up on that with more details as they are released.

Published by Amanda Murphy

I have been in the Triangle my entire career. I started out working alongside people who are now leaders of municipalities, heads of industry, and decision makers in their fields. My network is strong. After work I’m typically raising two of the most creative, amazing kids I know. I also am a bit of a health enthusiast; biking and swimming are my favorites. I love reading stories, and coffee, lots of coffee.

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