Candidate for Town Council District C

I’m running for Cary Town Council because this is home, and I believe we can make Cary an even better place to live, work, and raise a family. One of my key strengths is the ability to bring fresh eyes and vision to our town. And I’ll do that by listening more, speaking on the opportunities I’m passionate about, and working to find common ground with everyone I meet. Elect Amanda Murphy for Cary Town Council. I will work for you.

Why do I feel called to public service? When I was 10 years old, I was passionate about equality and confused about the injustices in the world. I’ve been involved in creating positive change for years, (Cary 101 citizen’s college, Triangle Woman of the Year campaign for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Leadership Raleigh Alumni Board, and Board member of North Carolina Community Garden Partners) and I’m eager to do more.  Today, I‘m ready to put my skills and heart into policy-making that serves ALL the people in our community.   


“Amanda was a focused and dependable colleague that always got the job done. Her personable interactions with clients, colleagues and vendors made people feel at ease no matter what the situation. She possesses the diplomacy and creativity to turn problems into solutions. I highly recommend Amanda.”

Amy Myers, former colleague

“Working with Amanda for nearly three years, I would describe her as proactive, creative, visionary, pleasant, funny, strong, strategic and smart.”

Rhonda Lewis, Application Manager, previous coworker, and friend

“I admire your servant leadership and your willingness to engage with others to help make our community better! I look forward to watching you take on even greater leadership and all the wonderful things you will accomplish.”

Greg McNamara, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Leadership Committee, and friend

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Candidate for Council Session

Last night ONE Wake hosted an early session with candidates for Cary Town Council to, “discuss the need for more affordable housing in Cary, and to hear their reactions to the proposal to create a Penny for Housing initiative.” It is honestly so weird watching yourself on video, especially when you know you were nervousContinue reading “Candidate for Council Session”

Environmental Sustainability

If elected, I will weave environmental sustainability into the work I do every day on behalf of the citizens of Cary. Some ideas I have include:

Elect Amanda Murphy

4 thoughts on “Candidate for Town Council District C

  1. Hello! I would love to schedule a call to understand more about your views regarding education, expansion and safety of my favorite town in America which I’m proud to call home.


    1. Adelangela – yes, I would love to chat. Send me your email through my contact form and I’ll respond right away, here is the link to the form: If you are most interested in education, you might want to also reach out to the Wake County Public School System school board, their contact information is located here: The town council doesn’t deal with education, specifically, but I do have two children in WCPSS so I’d be happy to discuss.


  2. Amanda, Cary Council has a mayor, two At-Large seats, and one seat for each of the four districts. Could you please mention which of the seats you’re running for? Thanks. ~George

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